UPS to Use Blockchain to Improve Merchant Supply Chains

UPS and Inxeption are collaborating on a blockchain platform that will make merchants' supply chains easier to use.

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UPS and Inxeption are collaborating on a blockchain platform that will make merchants' supply chains easier to use. The platform, Inxeption Zippy, will hep businesses market and distribute their products on multiple online channels from one secure place. 

The platform will enable manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers to easily set up a company-branded online site to conduct e-commerce transactions. Inxeption will then help users list, market and sell their products to customers while ensuring that sensitive information is only shared between the buyer and seller. 

The integration of UPS as the shipper creates a seamless, end-to-end experience where merchants can view their entire supply chain from the product listing to delivery. Merchants can receive UPS global shipping, tracking and logistics services with a suite of sales and supply-chain management capabilities for:

  • Building a webpage and uploading product information
  • Scheduling orders and shipments and monitoring returns
  • Managing purchase orders, bulk orders and multimodal shipments
  • Processing transactions by credit card, purchase orders, or financing
  • Conducting search engine marketing
  • Reviewing sales and marketing analytics

“The growth of e-commerce is driving B2B buyers to expect the same fast and convenient shopping experiences that consumers enjoy,” says Kevin Warren, chief marketing officer for UPS. “Working with Inxeption is another way we’re creating innovative solutions that helps small businesses deliver quality service for their customers and succeed in e-commerce.”

By integrating advanced technology with global logistics, UPS and Inxeption are turning more B2B merchants into digital sellers and equipping them to drive online sales and grow their top line revenue.

“We’re revolutionizing B2B e-commerce and bringing companies and their customers together online in a trusted manner,” says Farzad Dibachi, CEO of Inxeption. “This relationship creates simplified pricing solutions for B2B merchants with limited digital marketing and IT resources to easily manage all aspects of selling and shipping from one secure place.”