Frequentz Launches IRIS Traceability Server

Track-and-trace solution taps serialized Big Data intelligence for insight into supply chain logistics for food, pharmaceuticals and automotive/air parts

Los Altos, Calif.July 9, 2013Frequentz, a technology company which provides comprehensive serialized data warehousing, traceability and information management solutions, launched its Information Repository & Intelligence Server (IRIS), an event-driven traceability server—combined from Frequentz's data traceability technology and IBM's InfoSphere Traceability Server—that provides organizations complete visibility across a product’s life cycle.

“It is critical for businesses that manufacture drugs, automotive parts and consumables to pinpoint their products' movement from creation to sale,” said Michael Lucas, Chief Executive Officer of Frequentz. “Capturing and being able to analyze the data provided by track-and-trace both saves and drives revenue—and in the case of pharmaceutical and food and beverage products, it can save lives. IRIS provides customers with powerful, actionable intelligence into every aspect of their operations, ensuring compliance and livelihood for the businesses we service, while improving the lives of consumers.”

IRIS allows pharmaceutical/life sciences, agricultural, industrial (aerospace, automotive, chemical) and retail clients to track, trace and store all information around product development and supply chain logistics in a central, serialized data repository. Whether leveraging the technology for the purposes of gaining greater visibility, tracking food from farm-to-fork or reducing risk of exposure, IRIS provides clients real-time access to the complete life history and quality assurance of a product from manufacturing, through distribution to point-of-purchase. This capability is critical in the event of a product recall or suspected fraud and counterfeiting.

Currently, IRIS has been selected to track-and-trace 67 percent of the drugs distributed by U.S. pharmaceutical companies; 62 percent of the leafy green organic produce distributed in the U.S.; and parts distributed by 30 percent of U.S. automotive franchises.

Key benefits of IRIS include:

  • Visibility into inventory, good manufacturing practices and chain of custody
  • Bundled intelligence to enable rapid development of custom applications
  • GS1 compliant and harmonized EPCIS for easy supply chain management
  • Flexible deployment models
  • High performance run times
  • Scalable applications
  • Adaptable interoperability with various regulatory and trading partners
  • Track-and-trace analytics
  • Robustness that surpasses one million event records daily
  • Discovery of contaminated products
  • Mandated API and facility identifier track and trace
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