Vision Chain Expands as Orchestro

Analytics provider helps global household brands understand the consumer-driven supply chain

Washington, D.C.Feb. 12, 2013—Building on a 10-year track record of helping global brands make better decisions with demand execution management, Vision Chain rebranded as Orchestro today and appointed Prashanth V. (PV) Boccasam as Chief Executive Officer to lead the company and expand product development, operational and customer support, sales and marketing.

“Consumers know what they want and expect it to be there—it’s that simple,” said Boccasam. “On the back end, retailers and consumer product companies need to proactively sense where demand is heading, understand the drivers and create opportunities for customer delight. For the past decade, this company has been turning Big Data into priorities, roadmaps and results. Our growth is a testament to the value our customers derive; now it’s time to crank up the heat.” 

Orchestro helps consumer product companies address how to instill the agility and actionable intelligence required to win an edge—across every aspect of their business—and make the best demand decisions to increase on-shelf availability, run better promotions or invest in the right category expansion.

In addition to its newly appointed CEO and company name as part of its business expansion plan, Orchestro nearly doubled its team in the past 90 days to help brands meet the sky-high stakes of the consumer-driven supply chain.

The new corporate identity reflects the fundamental transformation of consumer markets today. Product teams need to make sense of new channels, new data sources, more connected shoppers and more inter-dependent supply chains. The name Orchestro represents a more effective way to orchestrate supply and demand, at the speed of the consumer market.

“This team has consistently played a pivotal role in its customers’ business transformation, with Big Data analytics before Big Data was even a concept,” said Jack Biddle, Board Chairman of Orchestro and Managing Partner of Novak Biddle. “Couple that kind of track record with cloud service delivery and a solution that meets the urgency of consumer expectations and you have a winning opportunity in anyone’s book.”

Orchestro’s cloud-native demand execution management product suite delivers:

  • Automated aggregation to collect, cleanse and harmonize varied and fast-moving information, from point-of-sale (POS), consumer sentiment and operational data
  • Adaptive analytics that understand the nuances of consumer categories to run the right algorithms for fast-moving products versus commodity or seasonal items
  • Actionable applications to drive better decisions around assortment, promotions, replenishment, new item introductions and pricing 
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