Apptricity Launches Smartfleet Mobility Solution for Vehicle-Based Businesses

Smartfleet extends Jetstream’s 360-degree visibility to businesses with mobile assets

Dallas—Jan. 3, 2013Apptricity, provider of the Jetstream suite of supply chain, e-procurement and financial productivity solutions, launched its Smartfleet mobility solution to deliver wireless work order, inventory and warehouse management to vehicle-based businesses.

Smartfleet leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s ng Connect Program to empower businesses with smarter scheduling; improved asset utilization; and real-time work order communication through Jetstream’s 360-degree visibility solution. Smartfleet lets any tablet or smartphone using iOS, Android or Windows mobile platform to accelerate revenue, increase field technician efficiency and reduce costs.

“We’re proud and excited to announce that the capabilities of Jetstream—which already delivers accelerated business processes and command visibility for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and the military—are now available for vehicle-based businesses,” said Tim Garcia, Chief Executive Officer, Apptricity. “The combination of ng Connect and Jetstream’s enterprise supply chain applications will ensure that corporate users never lose visibility of assets in the field.”

With Smartfleet, field technicians and other mobile users can ensure that vehicles are properly stocked; get optimize routes; and receive turn-by-turn driving directions. They also receive alerts of new and updated work orders with detailed instructions, time estimates and required materials.

In addition, Smartfleet notifies customers of expected arrival times via integrated text messaging, email and phone. Service delivery windows also are smaller and more accurate, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

On-demand synchronization ensures that field technicians and other mobile users are productive even when an Internet connection is not available. This capability targets route-based and mobile service businesses such as cable and telecom providers; utility companies; first responders; delivery services; and a host of others.

With Jetstream Work Order Management, orders can be graphically scheduled through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and immediately communicated to the appropriate technician. Meanwhile, Jetstream’s powerful and intuitive Inventory Management allows tracking of multiple warehouses, truck inventories, job-site inventories and more.

The location and status of assets throughout the supply chain are accurately tracked and accounted for in real time through barcode and RFID automation, meaning organizations gain full, seamless transparency to grow their operations.

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