Zetta Introduces Next Generation Hybrid Smart Cloud Backup

Cloud system brings backup, disaster recovery and archiving technology to SMEs and distributed organizations

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Oct. 22, 2012—Zetta.net redefined the traditional hybrid cloud backup with its appliance-free Smart Cloud, which integrates the functionality of integrated backup, snapshot and replication technology. Together with the new Lean Local Copy feature, Smart Cloud delivers fast, reliable data backup and recovery at a fraction of the cost of backup alone.

“With our advanced Smart Cloud and new Lean Local Copy, Zetta.net is raising the bar of excellence for legacy hybrid cloud backup,” said Gary Sevounts, Vice President of Marketing, Zetta.net. “There is no reason companies should be chained by the constraints of appliance hardware and software, when they can eliminate the absurd cost and management hassles with the current hybrid cloud backup model. Our visionary approach enables instant recovery when required, removes the limitations of third-party appliances and single points of failure and reduces the huge costs associated with today's hybrid 'dumb' cloud.”

Zetta.net's Smart Cloud removes the need for appliances altogether and reduces local storage footprint. As a result, offsite backup and recovery is significantly faster, more efficient and much simpler to deploy and manage.

“Data protection is traditionally comprised of disparate products from different vendors, which can easily add up in capital and operational costs,” said Deni Connor, Founding Analyst for Storage Strategies NOW. “Through its unique backup, snapshot and replication architecture, Zetta.net has found an elegant way to deliver all-in-one data protection to companies without requiring them to pay the exorbitant prices associated with enterprise data recovery. Zetta.net is clearly addressing the market's need for more comprehensive, yet affordable data recovery.”

With Zetta.net’s Smart Cloud, remote offices and MSPs are no longer required to purchase and manage multiple appliances across distributed locations; and any size business can now enjoy enterprise-grade data protection at an affordable price. Lean Local Copy enables companies to store the most recent copy of large files within their local storage environment so that critical data is easily and quickly accessible when needed. Customers can restore and recover their data from either the cloud or their local network copy with equal ease and without third party hardware or software. In addition, the API Scripting feature extends Zetta.net's plug-in architecture to accommodate extra functionality or applications as required by companies. The scripting feature enables enterprises or MSPs to deliver added value to customers in specialized environments—such as healthcare or the legal industry—with the ability to customize the solution to meet market-specific requirements.

“When we discovered Zetta.DataProtect it was the highest value offering by a wide margin,” said Andy Abadia, Network Administrator, TEECOM. “Not only was the solution affordable but it included multiple enterprise-class capabilities that competitors could not touch. Comparable vendors wanted outrageous service fees for service levels that were far below Zetta.net. We replaced our disk-based backup system with Zetta.net, moving as much as 3TB of storage to DataProtect. As a designer of technology infrastructure for the most advanced buildings in the world, timeliness is critical. Zetta.net provided the speed and rock-solid reliability we need to ensure our information is online when we need it. It’s been the ideal solution for us.”

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