Mason Companies Implements Stibo Systems’ MDM Platform

Mason Companies utilizes Stibo Systems' STEP master data management platform to streamline its ecommerce channel and create a central repository for product information and digital assets

Atlanta—June 5, 2012—Mason Companies Inc., an Internet and direct mail catalog retailer and a global direct-to-consumer footwear company, selected Stibo Systems to streamline their ecommerce channel and standardize and centralize their merchandising and catalog production processes. 

A Strategic Information Management Technology and Solutions Company, Stibo System’s STEP Master Data Management platform will be used as the foundation for Mason’s “marketplace” ecommerce model, which will allow Mason to onboard entire catalogs from their vendors while increasing their bottom-line and decreasing their time to market. 

By creating a central repository for its product information and digital assets, Mason will substantially reduce costly and labor-intensive manual processes that had been necessary to transform product and catalog data. As a result, the company will be able to significantly increase its online SKU count and streamline merchandising efforts. Mason is also partnering with Stibo Systems on a new feature for the STEP Workbench that will create variant SKU's via a matrix-based approach. This feature is of particular value to soft goods retailers who are often faced with creating dozens—even hundreds—of different SKU variants based sizes, widths, colors, patterns and more.

“Winning over consumers in today’s environment requires an assortment of unique product offerings combined with creative marketing and pricing strategies through multiple channels,” said Dan Hunt, Chief Executive Officer of Mason Companies. “Mason chose Stibo Systems because of their keen understanding of the retail space and their proven multi-domain master data management solution. By leveraging Stibo System’s STEP platform to help integrate and fuel our various channels and streamline our merchandising efforts, event messaging and digital asset management, we can help ensure ongoing customer satisfaction by offering the right product, at the right time and through the right channel.”

STEP will be used initially as the platform for item setup and management and will feed into Mason’s eCommerce and parametric search systems. The technology will also be used to distribute information to Mason's trade partners such as Amazon, Google and eBay. Mason also plans to use Stibo Systems’ platform for supplier onboarding, call center integration and the master for Mason's print catalog management via STEP Merchandiser.

Stibo Systems strategic information management solution helps retailers develop the level of agility needed to improve operational profitability and reduce risk,” said Todd Callen, Executive Vice President of North America for Stibo Systems. “We are thrilled to be chosen by Mason Companies and look forward to helping them bring their products to market faster and to deliver real-time, highly accurate information to both their on- and offline channels.”