Ariba and Microsoft Plug Businesses into Networked Economy

Companies align to deliver linked business commerce and ERP applications

Sunnyvale, Calif.—April 12, 2012—Business commerce network provider Ariba Inc., together with Microsoft Corp., now provide businesses using Microsoft Dynamics AX with access to the Ariba Network so they can connect and collaborate more efficiently across the entire commerce process.

“Business has officially entered a new era,” said Tim Minahan, Chief Marketing Officer, Ariba Inc. “It’s social, it’s mobile, it’s collaborative and it’s creating a major shift in how companies interact.”

Uniquely designed to help companies be more agile and simplify decision-making, Microsoft Dynamics AX includes built-in capabilities for multiple industries and geographic regions, lets people make quick and easy changes to processes and personal experiences to fulfill the shifting needs of their business, no matter how complex the organization. The application gives people across the company the information they need to do their job, access to the Microsoft productivity tools they use every day, and built-in, contextual business intelligence, empowering better decisions. 

“Traditional operating models and enterprise applications limit collaboration,” said Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst, Interarbor Solutions, Gilford, N.H. “The pairing of Microsoft’s ERP capabilities with the Ariba Network enables a unified, open and collaborative community accessible by any application or via any device. The result will be more efficient ways to achieve new levels of productivity among and between companies from any corner of the globe."

As part of the strategic alliance, Ariba will develop an adapter that will allow Microsoft Dynamics AX customers to connect to the Ariba Network.

“By combining the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX with the world’s largest business trading network, we can deliver a solution that enables companies of all sizes to connect with their trading partners electronically, helping businesses improve collaboration, grow their business with existing customers and discover new opportunities,” said Doug Kennedy, Vice President, Partners and Existing Customer Service Programs, Microsoft Dynamics.

Used by companies around the world to transact more than $300 billion in commerce on an annual basis, the Ariba Network provides:


  • Cloud-based applications that allow organizations that share a business process to share the underlying technology infrastructure that enables that process.
  • A community of partners through which companies can quickly discover, qualify, connect and collaborate with trading partners.
  • Capabilities in the form of best practices, community-derived intelligence and other unique features or services which are only available to members of the community, such as unique analytics, preferred financing and ratings.
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