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Savi Technology provides the most scalable and complete logistics informatics solutions for government and commercial organizations that face critical decisions based on the location and status of their physical assets.

Savi Technology originally developed its strong and well-earned reputation within the logistics and supply chain operations of both US Department of Defense as well as allied defense forces, in the early 1990s. Under the harshest and most demanding conditions Savi Technology proved resilient when they became instrumental in helping US Troops track supplies, spare parts, and shipment materials through out Operation Desert Shield and Dessert Storm.

By the early 2000’s the use of tracking and logistics technology had become so essential to the movement and tracking of materials and supplies, that the US DoD issued a directive over the use of RFID tagging, mandating its use on shipments of materials and supplies. Savi Technology enjoyed rapid growth during the decade as additional military applications of the technology were rolled out and allied forces began to standardize on our technology. Savi currently has the world’s largest RFID network, in 52 countries.

As RFID technology became the accepted standard for tracking in the military, it also became popular in the commercial sector, and Savi expanded its business into select commercial applications.

Today, Savi continues to enjoy a leading position in serving the US and allied military, and sees growing demand for commercial applications that leverage Savi’s expertise in this area. Savi Technology will continue its history of innovation in the application of sense and respond technologies to the complex challenges of distributed, global and mission-critical supply chain logistics.  We are at an exciting time that is seeing the convergence of supply chain automation and wireless tracking technologies called Logistics Informatics.

Logistics Informatics is a rapidly emerging technology market focused on the location, security, physical condition, and business status of physical objects as they move across geography or are utilized in a business process or transaction.  Logistics Informatics has evolved from the supply chain automation market and provides dynamic organizations with a factual foundation for real-time business decision-making. At the core of Logistics Informatics are ‘sense and respond’ technologies that wirelessly track and monitor assets of high value to an organization.

Savi is a full service, end-to-end provider of Logistics Informatics solutions including specialized hardware used to ‘tag’ and ‘read’ assets, software to consolidate data from readers, specialized applications such as warehouse management, asset management or cargo tracking systems, and advanced reporting and analytic applications that improve enterprise decision making.

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