Savi Mobile Tracking System 2.2

SMTS enables you to determine your cargo routes by drawing “geo-fences” on a map
SMTS enables you to determine your cargo routes by drawing “geo-fences” on a map
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Cargo theft is a widespread problem, to the tune of more than $35 billion annually in the U.S. and significantly more on a global scale.  It affects economies, production, business relationships and the safe distribution relief aid around the world.

Savi Mobile Tracking System is an integrated platform that includes specialized software and hardware devices designed specifically for securing and monitoring a wide range of cargo types – ISO containers on road and rail, closed rail wagons and tanker railcars, wet cargo (fuel trucks) and in-vehicle units for vehicle tracking.  The system supports a wide range of “tag” technologies including GPS, GPRS, RFID, and satellite communications that provide in-transit visibility and real-time asset management for greater accuracy in location and movement tracking.

Savi Mobile Tracking System users benefit from a single-screen dashboard that displays all assets, location, transit and established routes on live maps. Users receive real and relevant-time updates that provide greater transparency of shipments, improve transit times and identify diversion of assets from established routes and locations. This capability provides a significant improvement in the identification of theft and the recovery of stolen assets.


SMTS does more than locate – it compares location, travel and route to provide users with an intelligent understanding of where each asset is, relative to where and when it should be. SMTS creates a “geo-fence” that identifies the established route and travel times for a given shipment or transport, and if the shipment deviates the operator receives a notification alert. This gives you the flexibility to define permitted route areas and assign duration times and speed limits for discrete journey segments.

Journey Management

Journey Management provides users with a single dashboard to view multiple assets, their condition or status, route deviations or progress and related alerts. As a user, you can view status on individual tags or shipments, locate a shipment on a real-time mapping feature, and refresh status of shipments remotely.

Vehicle & Driver Management System

Savi Mobile Tracking System also monitors critical information about the vehicle and driver that can help operators identify a problem and prevent it from causing greater loss. The system can read and report vehicle speeding events, which can alert users to a potentially unsafe driver. The system also detects towing and idling and can help reduce fuel costs when using journey data to choose the most efficient routes.


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