Savi Asset Management (AMA)

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Savi Asset Management (AMA) maximizes the utilization of business critical supply chain assets as they are shipped to and from suppliers, through manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, and to the end customer. Mobile supply chain assets, such as containers, pallets, racks, cages, totes, trays, railcars, trucks and trailers must be positioned and available to meet the day-to-day operational needs of the enterprise in depots, distribution centers, yards and ports. However, a lack of real-time visibility into the extended supply chain can cause a significant surplus of asset inventory, leading to excessive capital expenditure or lease, rental and demurrage costs.

Savi Asset Management provides real-time visibility and forecasting functionality to identify locations where there is an excess of asset inventory and other locations where there are asset inventory shortages, and recommends economically justified repositioning. Asset owners gain visibility into the total supply chain and can thus monitor asset utilization, dwell times and loss or breakage, resulting in reduced asset inventory, capital investment, lease, rental and demurrage costs, and increased asset utilization and return on assets.

Savi AMA automatically identifies key trends or indicators that organizations can use to immediately improve logistic and operational performance such as:

  • Real-Time Visibility:  Captures real-time asset updates and displays them on maps and reports.
  • Asset Utilization Report:  Highlights how often your assets are being used versus sitting idle.
  • Late Arrivals Report:  Shows whether planned asset arrivals are on-time, late or projected to be late.
  • Arrival Alerts:  Triggered by the arrival of urgently needed items.
  • Environmental Threshold Alerts: Early warning that the arriving assets may be spoiled or damaged.
  • Projected Inventory Positioning: Perpetual view of where your assets are and where they project to be based on known and expected asset movements. Highlights inventory shortages and excesses.


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