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avi SmartChain is the robust enterprise platform at the center of Savi’s solutions.  When you need the real-time information on shipments, supplies, equipment, and material that drives a dynamic enterprise, SmartChain is the answer.

SmartChain enables companies to track asset location and status, search for and find assets, analyze historical information to identify and eliminate inadvertent stockpiles and hoarding, understand asset utilization, perform physical inventories, manage asset losses and more.  SmartChain supports multiple identification and tracking technologies including RFID, UID, ANSI, GPS, SatComm and wireless sensors.

Dynamic enterprises leverage SmartChain’s capabilities to create a real-time, fact-based link between the organization’s physical and financial worlds.  This includes:

  • Accounting: Supporting execution dynamics and providing input that makes ERP accounting more accurate and up to date.
  • Asset Tracking: Monitoring real-time asset movements, facilitating physical inventory counts, tracking capital and non-capital, serialized and non-serialized assets.
  • Maintenance: Proactively monitoring and sensing when maintenance is due. Facilitating work order documentation and status.
  • Transportation & Logistics: Nested visibility of shipments and assets, multi-modal logistics, automating shipping and receiving processes.

SmartChain also provides dashboards and controls for executives to stay on top of their assets’ locations and statuses. Through this distilled knowledge organizations find savings through:

  • Workflow Optimization: New data on an organization’s operations often reveal opportunities for savings.
  • Process & Operations: Automating error-prone, manual tasks.
  • Situational Awareness: Better utilizing your existing assets through repositioning and reliable data.

SmartChain increases operational efficiencies and reduces overall costs by streamlining operations, reducing capital and demurrage costs, reducing excess inventory, and increasing asset utilization and the return on assets.


Many organizations depend on enterprise software planning (ERP) applications to enable large-scale order, shipping, and delivery planning. With Savi SmartChain’s certified link to ERP applications like SAP Logistics, you can compare real-time data gathered from items in transit to plans to answer the questions:

  • Is every shipment on time?
  • Has any item been misrouted?
  • Which orders are fulfilled, as indicated by the physical arrival of items?
  • What output or delivery can we commit to?
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