Big Companies Defy Trump on Climate Change

Nestle, The Gap and American Electric Power are among the companies committed to combating climate change.

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As President Trump rolls back Obama's environmental legacy, it isn't just green groups who say they'll resist America's reversal on clean electricity. Billion-dollar corporations tell BuzzFeed News that because climate change is a significant concern for their business, they'll keep on battling carbon pollution regardless of what the government says.

Nestlé, one of the country's largest food companies with $26 billion in sales, says it will "actively contribute to industry efforts and dialogue on this important topic, while strengthening our public commitments along our value chain and driving industry efforts on climate change. Our company's success ultimately depends on our ability to reliably source high-quality crops and other raw materials.”

A representative for General Mills, which sold $10 billion worth of cereals, snack bars, yogurt and other foods in the U.S. last year, says the company "has long been committed to being part of the solution on climate change and will continue to stand behind our commitments."

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