CargoSmart Launches Sailing Schedules Mobile App

Two ocean carriers attest to the schedule reliability app’s data quality and methodology

San Jose, Calif.June 24, 2014CargoSmart Limited, a global shipment management software solutions provider that leverages big data for greater visibility and benchmarking, announced SSM+, a new version of its sailing schedules application for Android and iPhone. For the first time, shippers and logistics service providers can view schedule reliability rankings in the sailing schedule search results screen, so that users can quickly compare services and select the schedules that are the best fit for their supply chain planning. 

Expanding ocean carrier alliances, skipped sailings and slow steaming to conserve fuel are causing an increase in vessel schedule changes. Visibility to schedule reliability along specific routes provides transparency for shippers and logistics service providers to benchmark their carriers’ on-time performance. “We are pleased to offer customers more information about their route options so that they can make informed decisions to improve planning and on-time delivery,” said Kim Le, director of CargoSmart North America. 

SSM+ allows users to access the latest sailing schedules and schedule reliability information anytime, anywhere. The free mobile application includes sailing schedule information for 27 ocean carriers and schedule reliability information for the top 30 ports, over 250 port pairs, 20 leading ocean carriers, over 12,000 vessel schedules and over 200 services each month along four major trade lanes, including Asia-Europe, intra-Europe, trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific. CargoSmart’s schedule reliability data is updated weekly. 

Ocean carriers previewed the sailing schedule application’s search results and rankings, and praise the application for its data quality and ranking methodology. “When on-time performance is paramount, CargoSmart’s application empowers our customers to select the services that best meet their needs,” said Wan Min, managing director and director of the board of COSCO Container Lines Co., Ltd. “We are impressed with CargoSmart’s sailing schedules and the schedule reliability results that reflect the on-time historical performance of our vessels.”

The mobile application raises the bar of schedule reliability measurement with a new, defined methodology for calculating on-time performance. The application uses a designated timestamp for each port pair, based on an event-driven system architecture, to determine carriers’ port-to-port reliability performance. “CargoSmart analyzes carriers’ operational schedules to measure reliability,” said Andy Tung, chief executive officer of Orient Overseas Container Line Limited. “The methodology provides a new industry standard to benchmark with and help carriers identify where customer service enhancements are needed.” 

“We collect and analyze schedule information from multiple sources including, but not limited to, the data ocean carriers provide,” said Angela Tsang, head of product design and marketing of CargoSmart. “The new schedule reliability methodology measures carriers’ operations in a neutral manner, enabling customers to save time managing big data to have a clearer view of carrier performance.” 

The free SSM+ application for Android and iPhone is available to download from Google Play and the App Store.

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