ShipChain and Distichain Announce Partnership to Facilitate Global Trade

ShipChain and Distichain plan to offer their services together on a larger, joint platform.

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ShipChain announced a new partnership with Distichain to help small- and medium-sized businesses access global markets.

“This new partnership with Distichain started with a vision to bring an advanced technology platform to simplify the complexity of global supply chains. To that end, we have delivered a true supply chain control tower approach, powered by blockchain to help small and medium global businesses monitor and track their shipments all over the world. This will enable our trading partners to capitalize on revenue in increasingly competitive global markets,” says John Monarch, chief executive officer, ShipChain.

ShipChain and Distichain plan to offer their services together on a larger, joint platform. Distichain’s technology will bring in their established marketplace to companies of all sizes, along with the documentation pertaining to different shipments to be stored on the blockchain.

ShipChain will then track and trace the shipment with visibility heightened via blockchain technology through its delivery. Once the shipment has been tracked, payments are handled via Distichain’s system.

“In early 2018, we realized that blockchain and AI were on the verge of revolutionizing trade finance and supply chain, as part of the fourth industrial revolution. Accordingly, we saw an opportunity to build a trade engine that would be able to bring the most innovative solutions in this field and make them accessible to millions of potential companies via a simple B2B e-commerce interface. Our partnership with ShipChain delivers exactly that. ShipChain opens up the world of automated logistics to all Distichain users that can benefit from their technology and services, facilitating open, secure global trade,” says Haisam Jamal, chief executive officer, Disitchain.