Cyber Insurance

A traditional approach to e-problems

Doing business in cyber space can be a scary proposition. With the press of a button some invisible thief can swipe valuable information or crash your equipment. We make ourselves more of a target as we increasingly leverage the Internet in order to increase streamline the procurement process. To meet these growing e-risks, many companies are focusing on solutions that increase security.

However, London-based Safeonline is bringing a more traditional form of security, insurance. Corporations can now insure their Internet risk through Safeonline's globally operated, tailored full range of e-business insurance underwritten by various organisations including Lloyd's of London. Safeonline works with several security companies and insurance markets to offer insurance that is designed to minimize the inherent risks that doing business in the digital age brings.

According to Forrester Research, the e-business insurance market could grow to $14 billion. "No longer is [insurance] just seen as a reactive solution, today's new businesses see insurance solutions as a key element in their marketing strategy, said Chris Cotterell, founder and Director of Safeonline. "Working with Safeonline, businesses can make the inevitable and highly attractive move into the New Economy with the confidence that their Internet risk is being managed and that their investment is more likely to generate the expected return.

Whether you work with auctions, digital certificates, ASPs, B2B market places, or portals you can feel a little more piece of mind knowing you always have insurance backing you up.