iSource Summit Coming Soon

Increase supply chain efficiencies at iSource Summit

iSource Business, the new magazine devoted to B2B online supply chain management, will host the iSource Top 100 eProcurement Summit next month, January 8-11, 2001!  The Summit will equip you with the necessary tools to compete in today's rapidly changing business environment and give you access to CEOs and executives at the forefront of the e-procurement and supply chain enablement revolution.  You'll also get information on the latest trends and technology and learn how to develop and implement an effective e-procurement and supply chain solutions strategy for your business.

The iSource Summit is a unique experience.  It will provide unprecedented networking and educational opportunities.  You will hear about tried-and-true methods as well as what didn't work.

Attendees can learn about:

  • Increasing supply chain efficiencies

  • Reducing transactional costs

  • Enhancing B2B capabilities

  • Implementing global sourcing systems

  • Integrating your company's suppliers and OEM parts

  • Auctions/reverse auctions

  • Online contract administration

The Summit is designed for top level executives including CEO's, Directors, COO's, CFO's, CIO's and other individuals who develop B2B e-commerce strategy for their companies.

Seminar topics include:

  • Material management

  • Global sourcing

  • Emerging markets

  • Capital cost management

  • Process management/hardware capabilities

  • Improving supply chain efficiency

  • Contract administration

  • Acquisition

  • Transactions software

  • Participating in auctions

  • Improved purchasing processes

  • Training
Make your plans to attend today while there is still time.  Click here to register.