Xerox Taps Open Ratings

Looks to Predictive supplier management tool to evaluate, monitor supply base

Boston  June 25, 2002  Xerox Corp. is tapping a supplier management solution from provider Open Ratings in a bid to evaluate and monitor its supply base.

Xerox will deploy Open Ratings' flagship BPImpact product on more than 200 desktops throughout the organization. The solution, part of the provider's "predictive supplier management" suite, is intended to help buyers more effectively select, evaluate and monitor suppliers by going beyond inferences based on historical performance to predicting future supplier performance and stability.

"Xerox has long recognized the benefits of active supplier management in both production and non-production purchases," said Robert Greenslade, vice president at Xerox Global Purchasing. "By adding the value of predictive analytics to the mix, we can establish proactive risk mitigation and supplier development as key parts of our purchasing programs."

Open Ratings contends that by pre-empting poor performance or instability in the supply base, organizations can improve supplier relationships, increase efficiencies across supply chains, reduce both hard and soft dollar costs and mitigate supply chain risk.

"Xerox, like many of our other customers, has developed successful strategic supplier management programs," said Stan Smith, president and CEO of Open Ratings. "The relationship we have created with Xerox will allow them to advance their already strong initiatives by adding a forward-looking perspective to their supply management toolkit."