GlobeRanger Allies with EXE

Partners aim to boost visibility outside the warehouse by mixing wireless, supply chain execution solutions

Richardson, TX  October 3, 2002  What would happen if you combined wireless technology with supply chain execution software? That's what GlobeRanger and EXE Technologies plan to find out.

GlobeRanger provides wireless technology and applications software that capture supply chain information in real-time. EXE is a provider of supply chain execution solutions.

The two companies announced this week that they would integrate GlobeRanger's wireless supply chain applications with EXE's supply chain execution solutions. The partners said that incorporating GlobeRanger's apps with EXE's EXceed Fulfill will give customers visibility into, and control over, the performance of the supply chain by providing real-time, actionable data.

Businesses that have complex supply chains can sometimes lose visibility of processes and assets beyond the "four walls" of their warehouses, leading to inefficiencies in inventory and logistics management. GlobeRanger and EXE said they will address these inefficiencies while giving key operation and field personnel throughout the supply chain accurate and timely information, with business rules, to make real-time decisions.

"Our partnership with GlobeRanger enables EXE to offer our customers an extended wireless capability to existing supply chain solutions," said Ray Hood, chairman and CEO of EXE. "With our joint solution, customers will be able to fill in the visibility gaps of a supply chain management system that is constantly in flux."

Under the partnership, GlobeRanger and EXE say they will deliver such capabilities as electronic proof of delivery and signature capture, real-time pick-up and delivery reconciliation, and exception monitoring and notification