Increasing P&L Visibility

Foodservice distributor tries Acorn solution to gain order-level profit & loss information

Conklin, NY  December 2, 2002  Maines Paper & Foodservice (MPFS), the fifth largest U.S. foodservice distributor, is set to implement cost analysis software from Acorn Systems in a bid to increase visibility into its profit and loss information.

MPFS provides food and food-related products and services to restaurants, multi-unit chains, healthcare facilities and educational institutions throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.

The company is looking to Acorn's Profit Analyzer software, which it will implement on an enterprisewide basis, to gain increased accuracy, more actionable information and greater accessibility to its profit and loss information.

Acorn said its software can help a company optimize the profitability of a customer, supplier, product or order dynamically or on an ongoing basis. MPFS' profit-and-loss and sales executives will be able to use the Acorn system to view costing information of each customer, supplier and product down to the individual line item level of each order.

MPFS is counting on this new visibility into net operating profits and profit drivers to help it identify and expand best practices, negotiate for "win-win" profitability increases with customers and suppliers, optimize incoming orders, identify and grow the most profitable products and customers, and empower employees to drive profitability.

"Acorn adds value to our mission of profitably serving customers by highlighting the true costs to serve, empowering our employees with actionable intelligence and utilizing technology as a strategic enabler of this mission," said Chris Mellon, CEO of MPFS. "We envision Acorn playing a mission-critical role in Maines' future."

J. Alex Fernandez, chief operating officer of Acorn Systems, said, "By leveraging MPFS' best-of-class IT systems data and empowering their knowledge workers with accurate order-level profit-and-loss information, MPFS will operate more efficiently and profitably."