iGPS Logistics, LLC

Orlando, FL 32801

Company Overview

iGPS provides the most advanced and cost-efficient plastic pallet pooling solutions available today.

iGPS is the market leader in providing innovative, world-class supply chain solutions that leverage sustainable, intelligent shipping platforms while achieving unmatched value for our customers, investors, and employees.  Our lightweight, 100% recyclable plastic pallets and associated technologies help you reduce transport and production costs, maximize ASRS efficiency, increase employee safety, reduce product damage and lower carbon emissions.

Company Details
Years in business:21
Number of employees:175+
Geographic sales distribution:United State, Canada & Mexico
Sales Channel:Food & Beverage, Pet Foods, Pharmaceutical, Paper Goods, Automotive
315 E. Robinson Street, Suite 520
Orlando, FL 32801
United States

iGPS provides lightweight, 48 x 40 CBA spec plastic pallets with 2,800 rack load capacity (evenly distributed). The chief benefit of renting your pallets through a pooling service is that you are no longer responsible for balancing the logistics of getting your products to market against the conflicting logistics of retrieving empty pallets. The iGPS pallet pool handles this reverse supply chain for you by delivering pallets in the quantities you’ve ordered and dealing with those pallets once they’ve reached the end of the supply chain.

An iGPS plastic pallet demonstrates true cradle-to-cradle sustainability. They can make between 100+ trips before needing to be recycled into a “new” pallet. This makes the iGPS plastic pallet more sustainable than a wood block or white wood pallet, which require the cutting and milling of new lumber for manufacture and repair.

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