SunOpta Mobilizes Multi-ERP Operation to Boost Inventory Visibility

SunOpta selected RFgen to implement an ERP system throughout its operations—from raw materials to manufacturing to inventory management to order fulfillment—in 10 facilities.

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As a large manufacturer of sustainable, plant-based foods and ingredients, SunOpta is a pioneering leader in the food and beverage industry. The company wanted a barcoding system that could deliver the performance and flexibility to help them achieve their goals.

Following a recent acquisition, SunOpta had two different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems running their businesses. They now needed a barcoding solution that could work seamlessly with both. They also needed to customize or develop mobile apps in-house, without requiring extensive coding experience to lessen reliance on outside developers.


After a thorough search process, SunOpta landed on RFgen, one of the only service providers with extensive multi-ERP implementation experience.

As a total solution provider, RFgen offered a complete package -- software, services and hardware. RFgen’s combination of ERP-certified mobile app suite templates and low-code development platform, the Mobile Development Studio, allowed for rapid deployment and self-ownership over the solution.

RFgen planned and implemented mobile solutions throughout SunOpta’s operations—from raw materials to manufacturing to inventory management to order fulfillment—in 10 facilities.


Collaboration fueled quick success. The two teams worked closely to develop a top-notch, robust mobile solution that could support SunOpta’s sustainability goals now, and easily grow with them into the future.

Now, SunOpta can use, manage and develop mobile apps in-house across both ERPs as needed, knowing they can always turn to RFgen for support for rapid modifications.

When the COVID-19 pandemic spiked demand for food products, SunOpta’s new mobile barcoding solution helped SunOpta to adapt while continuing to distribute food safely and quickly.

Key achievements include improved:

Flexibility. SunOpta’s team has the tools they need to manage their workload quickly and efficiently. SunOpta can develop mobile apps in-house using the low-code Mobile Development Studio across both ERP platforms. Teams can quickly modify apps as workflows change or demand and customer needs necessitate.

Reliability. SunOpta’s fast-moving operation requires a solution that does not disconnect or cause productivity losses, and RFgen provides stability and reliability that SunOpta’s employees need to do their jobs accurately and effectively. Users also love the intuitive, easy-to-use interface and devices.

Traceability. As a food manufacturer, SunOpta’s top priority is food quality and safety. With RFgen, SunOpta’s teams can follow each ingredient’s and end product’s movement as it moves throughout the supply chain. If the need arises, they can quickly pull this information and communicate fully informed next steps.

Speed. During spikes in demand, RFgen’s automation technology can increase plant utilization for faster order fulfillment—without adding labor or sacrificing quality. Quick mobile app development increases SunOpta’s agility and ability to pivot quickly to remain successful while capitalizing on new business opportunities.