Visual Supply Chain 2.0

Aankhen Inc. solutions enable enterprises to leverage their investments in securing the supply chain to significantly improve their supply chain and increase the ROI

"Where in the world is my stuff?" is a common question asked repeatedly every day by many across the world. The answers or "versions of truth" provided in response usually cause more frustration to the person asking the question. If you bought furniture, appliances or an HDTV recently, you most probably can relate to the mystery of how supply chains work and the lack of visibility to the flow of goods. There are pockets of visibility and several blind spots across the supply chain including the most important "last mile" delivery directly influencing customer satisfaction. With new business models requiring supply chains to support shipment of orders directly from factories in Asia to "white glove" installation at a consumer home, end-to-end visibility will be critical. As supply chains become more global and complex the need for end-to-end visibility by everyone involved in fulfilling customer demand becomes a business necessity. This growing demand for supply chain visibility is currently ranked as one of the top key strategic initiatives for enterprises. Aankhen, Inc. addresses this time critical initiative as part of its suite of solutions to build better, faster and smarter supply chains it calls Supply Chain 2.0...

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