Sanoh Industrial to Manage Global Manufacturing Operations

Tokyo-based company chooses Plexus Online to integrate more than 35 facilities in 17 countries

Auburn Hills, MI — August 8, 2006 — Plexus Systems and Tokyo-based Sanoh Industrial Co. are launching an international partnership to manage Sanoh's global manufacturing operations using Plexus Online, an on-demand manufacturing performance system.

After years of growth and acquisitions, Sanoh Industrial said it required a complete software solution to integrate more than 35 facilities in 17 countries. Plexus Online demonstrated its capability after side-by-side evaluations of other global software providers and well-branded North American software competitors.

"Plexus Online has features for Sanoh that go beyond other software offerings. Our system's inventory traceability proved to be an advantage. No other solution grew direct from the manufacturing industry like Plexus, therefore, we understand the needs of global manufacturers," said Mark Symonds, president, Plexus Systems.

As a fully-integrated system, Plexus Online will help Sanoh Industrial closely track critical manufacturing information using a Web browser. The system ties together all plant operations, engineering, quality, customer/supplier communication and back-office functions.

Founded in 1939, Sanoh Industrial is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Through a global network, Sanoh has the ability to create high-quality products based on advanced technology. The company produces tubing, fluid handling systems, connectors, manifolds and wire condensers for automotive and appliance manufacturers. Sanoh Industrial also produces Ni-MH batteries.

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