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Risk Management, Part III: What Haven't You Thought Of?

Date: 10/09/14

It's no secret that Supply Chain has become more complex. The interconnectedness of markets, the "tearing down" of silos, the growth of regulatory issues and the globalization of businesses, for example, have made risk mitigation even more... REGISTER »

Risk Management in the Financial Supply Chain

Date: 12/10/14

It's true that all elements of the supply chain have inherent risk, but the financial supply chain has its own set of problems REGISTER »


ARCHIVED: The Changing World of Procurement

Date: 09/10/14

Organizations must identify all their business entities, buying habits, cost information and benchmarking to obtain real-time data in a predictive form VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Risk Management, Part II: Are You Ready for Anything?

Date: 07/24/14

Sponsored by: Sparta Systems, BarloWorld Software, Ariba and D&B Tsunami. Hurricane. Factory collapse. Global strife. Political unrest. Conflict minerals. Stolen intellectual property (IP). Lost and delayed deliveries. If those words don't... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Conflict Minerals: Lessons of First Year Reporting/Foundations for 2014 Reporting

Date: 07/23/14

IHS Technology, ECIA and iPoint present a Conflict Minerals industry update. With the SEC reporting deadline of May 31st, 2014 now behind us, this session will discuss recent developments and their implications, how to address Conflict Minerals... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: The High Risk of Silos: How Enterprise-Wide File Governance Covers All Your File Assets

Date: 06/17/14

Losing track of a file is as risky to your supply chain as losing track of a product moving through the chain. It only takes one missing file to negatively impact your operations, reputation and revenue. Most file "governance" solutions only give... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: GoPro Captures a Single Source of Truth with S&OP Technology

Date: 06/17/14

GoPro, the leading manufacturer of action cameras, faced challenges in its sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes that many companies face: dynamics such as supply constraints, manual spreadsheet usage, and long lead times created an... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Global Risk Management and Supplier Visibility

Date: 03/12/14

How do you watch over and communicate with your global suppliers? Are you prepared for the known and the unknown? VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Supply Chain Outsourcing - A (R)evolution

Date: 03/06/14

This webinar examines the evolution of outsourcing over the past 30 years across multiple disciplines VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Why Integration is the Key to Visibility

Date: 02/12/14

Having a real-time, end-to-end view of your supply chain gives you the power to identify problems, and resolve them with minimal cost and disruption. What you may not realize is that integrating internal and external applications and data is a... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Making the Case for Competing on Logistics Talent

Date: 08/21/13

There is a lot of buzz these days about there being a shortage of supply chain and logistics talent in the market. While much of the focus has been on white-collar positions, finding, hiring, and retaining talent at the frontlines of operations... VIEW »

Managing Supply Chain Risk with S&OP

Date: 06/05/13

Risk is a fact of life in today's supply chains, which are more complex, volatile, and demand-driven than ever. Companies source, make, and sell shorter lifecycle products "anywhere in the world", requiring longer, more fragmented supply lines. These... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Turning Replenishment and Logistics Collaboration from Theory into Action

Date: 05/30/13

In the supply chain, the sum truly can be greater than the parts. When Replenishment and Logistics move beyond a disconnected, upstream/downstream relationship, the game changes. VIEW »

Counterfeit Risk & New Defense Regulations

Date: 04/19/12

What You Need to Know About Counterfeit Risk, New Regulations, and Semiconductor Cycles VIEW »

Volatility to Value: Global Transportation Management

Date: 03/13/12

The Connected Supply Chain, Part 1: From Volatility to Value: Global Transportation Management VIEW »

Counterfeits Revealed

Date: 11/01/11

The most sophisticated capabilities to mitigate the most sophisticated counterfeits VIEW »

Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules that will Transform Outsourcing

Date: 10/18/11

Many outsourcing deals are often structured with fundamental flaws in the business model that prevent transformational results through outsourcing. VIEW »

Easy EDI: It Does Exist

Date: 10/06/11

The Antigua Group designs and markets lifestyle apparel and sportswear. Like many small businesses, the company has strict requirements for IT solutions; they must be implemented quickly, cause no business disruption, be easy to use and deliver value... VIEW »

The Measuring Stick: Strategies to Manage and Improve Procurement Performance

Date: 09/21/11

What is the standard of comparison when it comes to procurement performance? Do you know how to translate procurement savings into metrics that resonate with finance? Are you finding and taking advantage of all the opportunities that can come from... VIEW »

Setting the Supply Chain Standard

Date: 09/15/11

Avoiding Cost and Mitigating Risk while Maximizing the Effectiveness of Global Standards Designed to Thwart Counterfeits VIEW »

Electronic Component Pricing — Risks and Opportunities

Date: 08/11/11

When describing the global electronic component market, the one word that is most commonly used is volatile. The term volatile is certainly an apt adjective to describe the pricing and availability of electronic components. This volatility... VIEW »

Clear Up the Cloud of Confusion - Archived

Date: 06/29/11

A definite answer to what the cloud is, isn't and what it all means to procurement VIEW »

Supply Chain Quality Networks: Creating Superheros Every Day! - Archived

Date: 06/14/11

Executives, Supplier Quality and Component Engineers are increasingly challenged by global outsourcing and fragmented supply chains. As the depth and breadth of the supply chain increases, the complexity of maintaining control over quality... VIEW »

Optimizing Distribution Execution: Best practices for perfect supply chain execution

Date: 05/25/11

Best practices for perfect supply chain execution VIEW »

Securing Market Access for Medical Devices

Date: 05/06/11

Mitigating risks to market access, product plans, and strategic investments VIEW »

Aftershocks in the Supply Chain: How to respond to crisis, assess global scenarios, and mitigate risk

Date: 04/21/11

How to respond to crisis, assess global scenarios, and mitigate risk VIEW »

Counterfeiting, Obsolescence, and Risk: Solutions to mitigate cost, risk, theft and security disruptions in your supply chain

Date: 04/07/11

Counterfeit risk and supply-chain security concerns have been rising significantly over the last decade. Many have touted the benefits of their supply chain outsourcing strategies. Now, a reliance on integrated circuits made outside the... VIEW »

Avoiding Counterfeit Risk: How to mitigate part and supplier risk

Date: 02/23/11

How to mitigate part and supplier risk VIEW »

Launching a Successful Supply Chain in an Emerging Market – spotlight: Brazil in the NOW.

Date: 02/22/11

Achieve Speed to Market in Brazil. Secure your Post Sales Service Strategy. Hear what the Experts are doing to support Brazil. VIEW »

Unfolding the Smart Grid Roadmap

Date: 12/16/10

From policies and politics to standards and regulations, how experts see the Smart Grid evolving VIEW »

Pfizer Finds the Formula to Cut both MRO Inventory and Downtime Risk

Date: 11/17/10

Pharmaceutical Plant Strikes the Balance between Availability and Cost VIEW »

Conflict Minerals in the Supply Chain

Date: 11/04/10

Unveiling the Exclusive Report on Conflict Metals in the Supply Chain VIEW »

The Perfect Storeroom

Date: 10/28/10

Bottom-Line Benefits of Indirect/MRO Inventory and Storeroom Best Practices VIEW »

Addressing the Engineering Knowledge Vacuum

Date: 10/14/10

Developing Knowledge Assets to Bridge a Workforce in Transition VIEW »

Optimizing the Medical Supply Chain

Date: 10/05/10

Kaiser Permanente and IHS Share Product Stewardship, Environmental Compliance, and Supply Chain Strategies VIEW »

Standards and Regulations in the Medical Device Industry

Date: 09/30/10

At the Convergence of Science, Technology, Safety, and Compliance VIEW »

Build a Foundation for Growth while Minimizing Business Risk

Date: 09/23/10

In today's volatile market environment, successful midsize companies must implement new strategies to achieve their growth objectives while minimizing risk to their businesses. VIEW »

Adapting your Supply Chain to Rapidly Evolving Environmental Regulations

Date: 08/26/10

Best Practices Approach for Electrical/Electronics Manufacturers VIEW »