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Analytics Driven Planning in Aftermarket Services…The Next Frontier

Date: 03/04/15

Sponsored by: Entercoms, Inc. Investments in technology to address the demands inherent in Aftermarket Services planning work are not new, in fact, in advanced industries they are common place / table stakes for an effective and efficient... REGISTER »

Nine Steps to More Accurate Forecasts

Date: 03/11/15

It’s often said that forecasting should be a process of continuous improvement.  What’s not said as often is that improved performance will only result from a disciplined focus and diligent effort.  Where to begin? Bill Whiteside, author... REGISTER »

Procurement I − Procurement Challenges for the Small Company

Date: 04/22/15

Sponsored by: Netsuite, TAKE Supply Chain and Puridiom. The role of procurement is evolving. It might be easier for the big guys with established procurement departments to adapt, but what about smaller companies? Can their procurement leaders... REGISTER »

Risk Management II − Corporate Governance and the Risk Management Officer

Date: 06/24/15

Sponsored by: Axway. How do you convince the C-Suite that a risk-management specialist is necessary—even vital? What qualities and knowledge base does this person need? Do you hire/promote from within or search for an "independent" voice? How do... REGISTER »

Procurement II − Procurement and Your Suppliers

Date: 08/19/15

Sponsored by: Ariba/SAP, Puridiom, Browz and Amber Road. Treat your important suppliers like partners. How do you work with them to develop future strategies, market and technology needs, and opportunities? What do you do to create a beneficial... REGISTER »

Risk Management III − Safeguarding Your Data

Date: 10/21/15

Big Data! We hear about it all the time. Technological advances, including, of course, the cloud, have increased the amount of information we gather. With knowledge, though, comes risk. How well do you know your organization’s information... REGISTER »

Procurement III − Procurement Outsourcing: Is it Worth it?

Date: 12/09/15

While there are benefits, including cutting costs, profiting from the expertise of the third parties and improving productivity, there are serious issues to consider. You have turned control of part of your business to a third party. If that entity... REGISTER »


ARCHIVED: Risk Management I − The Risks of Globalization

Date: 02/18/15

Sponsored by: Sparta Systems, Inc., Axway, Browz and Amber Road. We all know that visibility throughout the supply chain is vital. Whether you're manufacturing offshore or shipping your goods to other countries, what are the risks and challenges... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Managing Supplier Capacity Pro-Actively

Date: 01/21/15

Sponsored by Resilinc. Supplier capacity risk is a key factor supply chain managers need to evaluate in order to ensure the uninterrupted flow of parts and products necessary to service customer demand. A lack of visibility to supplier capacity... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Risk Management in the Financial Supply Chain

Date: 12/10/14

It's true that all elements of the supply chain have inherent risk, but the financial supply chain has its own set of problems VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Driving Competitive Growth through Modernized Data Management

Date: 11/20/14

Adding value to core technology through services is a widely used business strategy for companies within the supply chain to improve their competitive advantage. This webinar looks at how The Apparel Logistics Group, a world leader in apparel third... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Building A Comprehensive Talent Development Program

Date: 11/17/14

Building a comprehensive talent development program; attracting and KEEPING talent. Simply, how do you attract the best and brightest to supply chain and, once they’re in the fold, how do develop their talent to keep them engaged, challenged and... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Risk Management, Part III: What Haven't You Thought Of?

Date: 10/09/14

It's no secret that Supply Chain has become more complex. The interconnectedness of markets, the "tearing down" of silos, the growth of regulatory issues and the globalization of businesses, for example, have made risk mitigation even more... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: The Changing World of Procurement

Date: 09/10/14

Organizations must identify all their business entities, buying habits, cost information and benchmarking to obtain real-time data in a predictive form VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Risk Management, Part II: Are You Ready for Anything?

Date: 07/24/14

Sponsored by: Sparta Systems, BarloWorld Software, Ariba and D&B Tsunami. Hurricane. Factory collapse. Global strife. Political unrest. Conflict minerals. Stolen intellectual property (IP). Lost and delayed deliveries. If those words don't... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Conflict Minerals: Lessons of First Year Reporting/Foundations for 2014 Reporting

Date: 07/23/14

IHS Technology, ECIA and iPoint present a Conflict Minerals industry update. With the SEC reporting deadline of May 31st, 2014 now behind us, this session will discuss recent developments and their implications, how to address Conflict Minerals... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: The High Risk of Silos: How Enterprise-Wide File Governance Covers All Your File Assets

Date: 06/17/14

Losing track of a file is as risky to your supply chain as losing track of a product moving through the chain. It only takes one missing file to negatively impact your operations, reputation and revenue. Most file "governance" solutions only give... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: GoPro Captures a Single Source of Truth with S&OP Technology

Date: 06/17/14

GoPro, the leading manufacturer of action cameras, faced challenges in its sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes that many companies face: dynamics such as supply constraints, manual spreadsheet usage, and long lead times created an... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Global Risk Management and Supplier Visibility

Date: 03/12/14

How do you watch over and communicate with your global suppliers? Are you prepared for the known and the unknown? VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Supply Chain Outsourcing - A (R)evolution

Date: 03/06/14

This webinar examines the evolution of outsourcing over the past 30 years across multiple disciplines VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Why Integration is the Key to Visibility

Date: 02/12/14

Having a real-time, end-to-end view of your supply chain gives you the power to identify problems, and resolve them with minimal cost and disruption. What you may not realize is that integrating internal and external applications and data is a... VIEW »