GXS to Participate in Data Synch Demonstration

Demo aims to provide visibility between synchronized product information and physical product movement

Anaheim, CA — May 28, 2004 — B2B connectivity specialist Global eXchange Services this week said it would participate in the first demonstration of interoperability between components of the planned EAN.UCC Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) and the EPCglobal Network run by VeriSign.

The demonstration is meant to illustrate how product information can be accessed from the EPC Network to provide visibility between synchronized product information and physical product movement.

This demonstration project follows on GXS' announcement that it was committing to enable its solutions to support radio frequency identification (RFID) and EPCglobal standards.

"With the use of RFID becoming a reality in the retail industry, data associated to the reference number encoded in the RFID chip will provide the real long-term benefit of this technology," said Alex Schumacher, director of retail strategy for Global eXchange Services. "Participation in this demonstration is the first step in developing the network for the integration of EPC data into product information management processes for synchronizing this data with internal systems."

The demonstration will combine data from various sources, providing the user with a detailed description of the product and its shipping history to a retailer's distribution center. Product attributes like description, size and dimension information will be accessed from Global eXchange Services by integrating its Product Information Manager solution through a Web services interface, known as Electronic Product Code Information Service (EPC IS), with the root Object Name Service (ONS) of the EPC Network.

The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), the standard reference number behind both product identification and EPC-based inventory movement, must be shared in an accurate and timely fashion between trading partners. The vision for the GDSN is to ensure that new product introductions and changes are synchronized prior to order processing, and that synchronized data will support RFID-based tracking of shipments facilitated through the EPC Network.

"We are pleased by the commitment Global eXchange Services has made to take a leadership role in implementing solutions that leverage the EPCglobal Network," said Mike Meranda, president of EPCglobal US. "By working with our partner VeriSign, and other members of the EPCglobal community, we believe firms like Global eXchange Services will help lower the barriers to adopting RFID standards throughout the industry."