Transportation, Logistics Supply Community Set for August Launch to offer information management and sharing, business process solutions designed to overcome persistent distribution problems

  • Carrier Search and Discovery (Real-time e-RFI): Member truckload carriers (for-hire and private fleets) can submit, maintain and continuously update an "e-request for information" profile, comprised of essential carrier data including capabilities, capacity, and network imbalances. The carrier can also attach a PowerPoint presentation. Any e4score Member registered as a "shipper" (including shippers and freight brokers) can search the RFI-database anytime to discover carriers that can meet their networks' tactical and strategic needs. The initial RFI-phase of a transportation bid event could then be completed in a day, reducing project cycle time and resource requirements for all parties, iGit said.

  • Document Management: Member Carriers can post proof-of-delivery documents and customs brokers can post import entry summary documents on e4score. The Member Shipper can access their documents (but only their own documents) anytime, anywhere, according to the solution provider.

  • Community Forum: Guests and members can participate in group discussions, sharing ideas and solutions on the challenges in distribution management. For example, carriers serving a difficult ship location could share ideas on how to reduce wait times. The forum is a free service.

  • EZ Links: Guest and members can use this Web portal of logistics Web sites, including media, government, associations, manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers, to find the information they need. EZ Links is a free service.