Rolls-Royce Launches Global Metals Strategy

Engine-maker aims to redefine aerospace cost model, remove complexity from raw material supply chain with Newview solution

  • Structured Repository and Parametric Search: A single location for storing detailed material data and related part and commercial data. Intelligent search capability provides retrieval of information for business users across functions.

  • Comparison Views and Commonization Profiles: A highly attributed data model allows users to build material views that compare/contrast similarities against a set of target materials.

  • Material Reuse Alerts: Alert design engineers of pre-approved materials before costlier alternatives are selected in a design.

  • Collaborative Material Management: A framework for communicating material decisions throughout the extended supply chain.

  • Configurable Architecture: Built on Newview's Network Business Process Architecture, allowing for integration of material data and processes with Newview's Coordinated Network Procurement (CNP), and other systems such as product lifecycle management and enterprise resource planning (ERP).