SeeBeyond, Bent Systems Ally on RFID

Offer packaged composite apps to manage the flow of data gathered from radio frequency identification systems

Las Vegas, NV — October 22, 2004 — SeeBeyond and Bent Systems today announced an agreement whereby the two companies will offer solutions to manage the flow of data gathered from radio frequency identification (RFID) systems to generate standards-based, business process-driven applications.

SeeBeyond offers a composite application network suite (SeeBeyond ICAN) for integration and composite application solutions, and Bent Systems is an RFID supply chain solutions provider and contributing author of electronic product code (EPC) standards.

The announcement was made in conjunction with SeeBeyond's annual customer conference, HORIZONS 2004, being held this week in Las Vegas, Nev.

As a technology that has been evolving for many decades, RFID is now becoming a mainstream focus across many industries due to electronic tagging mandates issued by such organizations as Albertsons, Target, the U.S. Department of Defense and Wal-Mart. In an effort to meet these mandates, many organizations face a number of both business and technical challenges, one of which is effectively managing the data collected as part of the RFID tagging process, according to SeeBeyond and Bent Systems.

As a part of the alliance agreement, SeeBeyond and Bent Systems are working together to provide an integrated set of products that address these information and management challenges. Using the new SeeBeyond RFID Composite Application Network solution offering, which is powered by the SeeBeyond ICAN Suite, Bent Systems said it has developed a scalable set of packaged composite applications to manage the data collected from RFID tags.

Based on real-world experience from such clients as Woolworths, Bent Systems said the solutions provide customers with the ability to quickly implement an RFID solution, thereby saving customization and startup costs. The architecture is based on emerging EPC standards and can be extended to adapt to each customer's needs.

"Organizations looking for accelerated ROI from RFID investments must be able to effectively manage the business processes around the massive amounts of data collected in the RFID tagging process," said Reed Henry, senior vice president of Business Development & Strategic Alliances for SeeBeyond. "Partnering with Bent brings focused expertise to customers in their efforts to drive ROI from the deployment of a comprehensive, EPC-compliant platform."

Developing solutions using the SeeBeyond platform, Bent Systems is also introducing an application for the retail and distribution market, Supply Chain Savant, a core set of EPC-IS framework services, as well as additional applications for the healthcare and pharmaceutical market segments.