Midterm Congressional Elections Improve Finance Chiefs' Business Outlook

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The Midterm Elections, Financial Regulation and Tax Policy

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  • In keeping with the optimistic outlook around the midterm elections, 49 percent believe that the new Congress will have a positive effect on the implementation of financial regulatory reform. Moreover, 20 percent expect a neutral or negative effect while 32 percent believe it is too early to tell.
  • Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) believe the new Congress should act soon to establish a longer-term path to deficit reduction. Also, 15 percent believe Congress should act promptly to substantially reduce near-term deficits, and only 13 percent believe any action should be put on-hold until the economy is less fragile.
  • The vast majority — 88 percent — believe the new Congress should address 75 percent or more of the deficit via spending cuts rather than through taxes.

Sanford Cockrell III

Investing and Operating in Emerging Markets