Moovweb Transforms the Mobile Shopping Experience with MoovCheckout

MoovCheckout harnesses e-commerce usability and integrates rich checkout analytics in one solution

Philadelphia, PAOct. 5, 2015Moovweb, a provider of engaging mobile experiences, introduces MoovCheckout, a solution that enables businesses to directly control and optimize their most valuable pages—the checkout flow—resulting in increased conversion rates. This new product harnesses the best practices of e-commerce usability and integrates rich checkout analytics in one easy solution.

MoovCheckout enables marketing leaders to make informed decisions based on actionable insights and benchmarks to increase mobile conversion rates by as much as 25 percent. With field-level analytics, marketers can see exactly where their consumers drop off from the checkout funnel, which fields may be problematic and what could be causing delays to checkout. They can also view industry benchmarks and proactive recommendations to stay ahead of the competition and adopt the best solutions for their business.

“Out of every five people who put products in their shopping cart, four leave without making a purchase,” said Ajay Kapur, CEO and founder at Moovweb. “The primary culprit for shopping cart abandonment is the checkout process. Yet today, e-commerce leaders are flying blind, tasked with creating seamless checkout experiences, but with little to no insights on why potential shoppers abandon carts. Worse, even when they do understand the root cause, their hands are tied behind their backs as changes take months to be implemented without the flexibility to properly test and iterate across different customer segments.”

MoovCheckout is a complete solution to the shopping cart abandonment problem—built by productizing the learning from analyzing over a 100 million mobile shoppers who hit the Moovweb network.

"MoovCheckout enabled us to quickly upgrade our mobile checkout experience,” said Ben Bartels, director of e-commerce and marketing at Alibris. “During our back-to-school promotion, which is our Black Friday, we got a 17 percent increase in conversion rates and a 29 percent increase in revenue per visit. MoovCheckout was very easy to implement. It was live before I knew it, and updates were being made in a safe and effective way with no disruption to our daily business.”

MoovCheckout includes two components: Catalyst and Business Manager. MoovCheckout Catalyst is solely focused on optimizing the mobile checkout flow to increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment rate. Catalyst instantly transforms checkout flows, applying mobile checkout best practices based on research by the Baymard Institute, a research center on e-commerce usability.

The other component in MoovCheckout is Business Manager, which provides companies with field-level analytics to better understand the root of cart abandonments. Business users can view and measure key e-commerce metrics, such as conversion rates, field abandonment rates and time spent per field. MoovCheckout Business Manager also gives business users the ability to easily segment their audiences and create custom experiences for them (e.g. provide a unique checkout experience for users coming through an AdWords campaign). Marketers are able to quickly deploy new experiences and test conversion rates on any segment of their customers.

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