ShipOCI Introduces Revolutionary Supply Chain Software

RapidLink software streamlines, forecasts and simplifies the supply chain process for faster, uninterrupted service

MiamiAugust 12, 2015ShipOCI, a third-party logistics provider (3PL), introduces its proprietary web-based supply chain software and service solution, RapidLink. RapidLink software is modernizing the $160 billion industry by utilizing current advances in technology to streamline, forecast and simplify the supply chain process for faster, uninterrupted service.

“Technology is one of the most important factors in managing multiple lines of products at any given time because it takes the guesswork out the equation,” said Ron Atapattu, founder and president of ShipOCI. “Unlike other systems, RapidLink is built around the concept of predictive decision-making, giving our customers unprecedented access to their supply chain through a single platform with live data, photos and instant status updates.”

According to a survey by Penn State Professor C. John Langley Jr. with the consulting group Capgemini, 75 percent of shippers said the logistics industry could benefit from better technology. RapidLink uses a unique customized system that integrates 3PL activities directly with customer operations and gives them access to their shipment data at anytime, from anywhere. Its high levels of visibility allow customers to pre-plan for inbound shipments, avoid delays and improve service levels. The customer relation management system (CRM), tailored to each client, keeps track of all sales and increases efficiency. The mantra of Rapidlink is to deliver a result greater than its input.

RapidLink’s technology also allows the customer to maintain direct access with the supplier, making all appointments for deliveries online. Through live data, the customer knows exactly where the supplier is, and has the advantage of selecting the optimum routes to save time and money.

According to Shani Atapattu, vice president of ShipOCI, “We listened to the needs of the industry as a whole, and eliminated most human error and paper trails.” 

ShipOCI’s main goal is to find solutions to reduce cost and improve service. For that reason, OCI staff coordinators constantly monitor all orders on RapidLink to ensure timely deliveries and service. Through its software and attention to customer service, ShipOCI is helping to shape the future of integrated logistics solutions.