Data-Driven Intelligence to Improve e-Commerce Return on Investment

These “data insights for people with day jobs” eliminate the pain and complexity of data analysis

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MinneapolisJan. 27, 2015Insite Software, a provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platforms, announced the availability of InsiteAnalytics, a new analytics package designed to help customers improve the performance of their e-commerce investments and technologies.

InsiteAnalytics delivers key insights—both via big-picture strategic trends and more transactional micro analysis—enabling organizations to understand how and where to take action to enhance engagement and improve return on e-commerce investments.

Recognizing that manufacturers and distributors don’t have in-house data analysts/scientists to dedicate to e-commerce reporting and analytics, InsiteAnalytics produces what Insite Software calls “data insights for people with day jobs,” eliminating the pain and complexity of data analysis, and enabling organizations to quickly and easily actualize the value of their data.

“Organizations are inundated with information about customers’ buying behaviors, order histories, website click data, etc., stemming from multiple sources, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, Google Analytics and customer segments. InsiteAnalytics is a robust and user-friendly analytics solution that gathers data from multiple sources into a single, interconnected view, and guides users through the analysis process, allowing organizations to quickly and clearly identify areas of success and opportunity,” said Phil Schrader, product manager of data commerce, Insite Software.

Pre-configured views are designed to provide specific insight to different job roles in the organization to help drive impact in their specific areas of responsibility: These include e-commerce strategists, e-commerce marketers, sales representatives and website administrators. The dynamic reporting framework delivers trend insights, scorecards and cost-benefit modeling that result in better, faster, more actionable and more strategic decision-making to improve competitive business advantage. InsightAnalytics customers gain an understanding of customer behavior, product sell-through and website activity, as well as metrics revealing website operations where customers may struggle and sales break down.

InsiteAnalytics is configurable to accommodate unique customer attributes and make insights relevant to each organization. This enables organizations to monitor the success of their e-commerce investments by mapping data to their specific business goals, and adjust and recalibrate over time as e-commerce efforts mature and evolve. Organizations can be up and running on the InsiteAnalytics solution in only 30 days, enabling rapid time to value.

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