INFORM Software Continues its North American Market Expansion

Evidence of its steady growth and expansion in the North American market, INFORM Software has completed its relocation to expanded facilities in Atlanta’s prestigious Crown Pointe campus.

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Evidence of its steady growth and expansion in the North American market, INFORM Software has completed its relocation to expanded facilities in Atlanta’s prestigious Crown Pointe campus.

Its new offices, in what is regarded as one of the nation’s most progressive office campuses, not only gives INFORM double its previous space, but a location that is strategically situated in Atlanta’s Central Perimeter area where other leading brands like Mercedes, VMWare, Cox Enterprises and State Farm are based.

According to INFORM Software Chief Operating Officer Justin Newell, “This is INFORM’s third location in Atlanta and by far one which gives us the greatest opportunity for continued growth and market expansion.  Not only does it offer an outstanding IT infrastructure, which is important to us, but the entire sustainability aspect of the Crown Pointe campus is completely aligned with and emulates our corporate culture both here and in Europe. The campus has a vibrant green space plan that includes outdoor walking paths, a hydroponic garden growing vegetables, and three beehives for harvesting honey.” Newell noted that the additional space will easily accommodate INFORM Software’s planned increase of its workforce by approximately 30% over the next year.


“In 1989, when INFORM first entered the North American market establishing its U.S. operation in Illinois near United Airlines, the focus was largely on the aviation industry,” continued Newell. “Our subsequent relocation to Atlanta, gave us close proximity to Delta Airlines and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport making it convenient for our consultants’ travel to our clients’ locations across the globe.  Over the last ten years, our reputation has continued to build with leading airlines, airports and ground handlers. More recently, our identity as a leading provider of optimization research and solutions has gained us considerable traction in other major industries. We now provide our solutions to large automotive OEMs, and have been growing our base in business intelligence (BI), construction materials, port terminal management and across the supply chain. Additionally, we are expanding our footprint in the financial risk and fraud area providing solutions to mitigate the increasing exposures to banks, credit unions, credit card companies and insurance carriers.”


INFORM Software’s new location recently proved valuable when it hosted its GroundStar (GS) Planning Day; a multi-day training, education and collaboration event for over 70 clients. The large and small conference rooms and building amenities such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, complimentary business lounge with unlimited Starbucks® coffee and gourmet café further enhanced their clients’ experience.  The 18-story, two-tower building/campus’ close proximity to hotels, restaurants and Metro Atlanta’s MARTA transit system were also viewed as added conveniences for its clients.


INFORM Software is well-recognized for its German engineering, quality and systematic approach to its software development. INFORM’s focus is on digital decision making as a way to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Operations Research (OR) algorithms to a wide range of business operations in order to boost cost efficiency, as well as resilience, mitigating the impact of unpredictable challenges in today’s dynamic business world.  INFORM’s suite of solutions addresses today’s most critical operational challenges for businesses such as workforce and resource management and what if planning;  particularly relevant in today’s global pandemic environment.