CIMdata Publishes “New Age Collaboration and Design”

Bringing social technology approaches to our work environment will enable tremendous efficiencies

CIMdata, Inc.

Ann Arbor, Mich.Dec. 26, 2014CIMdata, Inc., a global product lifecycle management (PLM) strategic management consulting and research firm, announced a new whitepaper authored by John Mannisto, engineering director for simulation-based design at Whirlpool Corporation.

In this paper, Mannisto makes a strong case for companies adopting new-age behaviors and social technologies to collaborate more effectively globally. He says that, unless a global company uses all its knowledge, it is losing out.  Through storytelling, with examples from his personal life, Mannisto points out that social media is outpacing how we work. Based on his organization’s experimentation with social technology, he argues that bringing these approaches to our work environment will enable tremendous efficiencies. Mannisto’s advice is to look outside; bring a solutions provider along for the ride, but own your journey. He says only then will this new way of working fully embed with your teams.

This paper is based on John Mannisto’s presentation at PLM Road Map 2014.

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