HighJump Route Administrator Is the Next Cloud-Based Solution

HighJump’s Route Administrator solution is scalable and flexible for direct store delivery companies of all sizes

Minneapolis, Minn.June 27, 2014HighJump Software, a global provider of supply chain management software, announced that it released the HighJump Route Administrator route accounting solution as a cloud-based application. Like the installed version, this solution serves as the backbone of direct store delivery (DSD) business operations by managing the needs of pre-sales, delivery, and peddles sales operations on rugged or consumer-grade mobile devices. HighJump Route Administrator in the Cloud is fully scalable and ready to meet the needs of small to large DSD companies.

Customers can save money, while increasing sales volume and revenue across a variety of perishable and nonperishable products, including baked goods, wine and spirits, wholesale goods, snacks, meats, dairy and more. HighJump Route Administrator in the Cloud’s flexibility makes it responsive to the way customers want to do business—not to a predetermined set of standards. The solution includes multi-lingual support, along with comprehensive mobile suite functionality with device-agnostic flexibility.

Beyond DSD operations, HighJump Route Administrator in the Cloud can handle the diverse needs of sales force automation or mobile logistics companies, as well as control the integration between back-end accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management solutions. HighJump Software developed integration options with many ERP packages, both large and small, along with a flexible toolset that can accommodate nearly all other packages.

“Our customers told us that they want to leave the infrastructure technology to the technology experts, and focus their time on growing the business,” said Amy Stelling, senior vice president and general manager of the DSD and mobile logistics group, HighJump Software. “With feature-rich HighJump Route Administrator in the Cloud, they can eliminate the extra infrastructure hassle without sacrificing power or flexibility in the application.”

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