Dan Post Boot Company Implements Product Lifecycle Management

Centric 8 PLM software improves the product development process by eliminating reliance on spreadsheets and email

Los Gatos, Calif.—May 30, 2014—Dan Post Boot Company implemented the Centric 8 product lifecycle management (PLM) solution from Centric Software, Inc.

Dan Post Boot Company markets and distributes men's, women's and children's footwear. According to Frank Murphy, vice president of sourcing at Dan Post Boot, the company uses the Centric 8 PLM software to improve its product development process by eliminating reliance on spreadsheets and email for communications.

“Centric 8 provides a single version of the truth about our products, and so removes confusion, reduces data entry duplication and errors, and compresses product design and development schedules.” Dan Post Boots also capitalizes on up-to-date, accurate product information for better sourcing and negotiations, Murphy said. 

Management, planners, marketing, designers, technical designers, quality management and materials management teams at Dan Post Boots are going to use Centric 8. Dan Post Boot’s 17 external suppliers, located in Mexico, China, India and Vietnam are going to also use the PLM software, improving the company’s collaboration with overseas vendors, and enabling vendors to take on greater responsibility in sourcing and in the creation of bills of materials. 

Dan Post Boots’ suppliers now use the Centric 8 PLM software to update production schedules in real time, allowing the company to provide more accurate delivery information to its customers. 

Improved vendor collaboration streamlined some compliance requirements, such as those related to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Vendors now help maintain CPSIA-required documents within the PLM software, which reduced administrative costs for Dan Post Boots. The company’s product development team improved the efficiency and transparency of the sample process by using Centric 8 PLM to issue sample requests to suppliers. 

Footwear makers like Dan Post Boot have complex product development requirements and need a PLM system that can deliver these necessities out-of-the-box without customization, according to Chris Groves, president and CEO of Centric.

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