App to Change How People Buy and Sell Online Seeks Crowdfunding

A mobile app designed to help online shoppers quickly find the best price seeks to raise funds for development and launch

Vancouver, CanadaMay 1, 2014—When it comes to shopping online for large items like mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, tablets and vehicles, prices can vary a lot from one seller to the next. Although shopping around can save some cash, comparison shopping is time-consuming and searching the entire online market is impossible. A new app called Bidween creates a real-time market that is making it easier for buyers and sellers to connect. The app’s creators are seeking $50,000 through crowdfunding by June 8 to help with development and launch.

Bidween not only helps buyers find the best possible price on large-ticket items like electronic devices and vehicles, but the app also serves as a direct marketing tool for sellers trying to reach new customers.

“Our app enables buyers to get the best deal and sellers to make contact with customers quickly,” said the cofounder and project manager, Ali Dahesh. Benefitting both sides of the sale transaction, Bidween helps ordinary people become savvy buyers and sellers.

When potential buyers send a specific item request, sellers are notified to submit a bid. The buyer then chooses from a list of bids detailing price and other specifications, and the chosen seller is notified to contact the buyer to complete the transaction.

“The beauty of this app is that users don’t have to be professional sales people to sell an item,” said Dahesh. “If you have a laptop or a smartphone going unused, Bidween can help you turn those items into cash.”

Funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign are to go toward developing the app for both Android and iOS systems. Funds are also going toward gathering and updating product information data and maintaining servers. Supporters of the campaign can receive perks like a copy of USB Security Suite, credit towards using Bidween as a seller and even top ranking among bid requests once the app launches.

Future plans for Bidween include expanding product categories to include home appliances, luggage and travel tools, sports and camping equipment, hardware, tools, furniture, art and more. Other future plans include expanding the system, which is going to be launched in North America, to be available globally.

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