Enhance Inventory Processing with Improved Master Data Handling

Cloud-based inventory management software now includes additional master data management logic to unlock value

Stockholm, SwedenApril 4, 2014—Aftermarket inventory optimization company Syncron announced improvements to its inventory management software with the expansion of master data management functionality. Syncron’s retail inventory management system now includes logic for handling data for multiple suppliers, prices and replacement parts.

“The quality and consistency of item data continues to be a major issue for inventory planning,” said Johan Elmqvist, product manager of master data management at Syncron. “Our efforts to better integrate master data management functionality within our global inventory management software addresses specific issues for dealers in the manufacturing networks we serve and also aligns with trends in the broader market.”

With these enhancements, the item master is processed before interacting with the retail inventory management software. The item master adds data from the manufacturer to the dealer files. Dealer files do not typically include all of the information contained in the golden record owned by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Data, such as price or currency, and supplier data, are not typically sent by the dealer.

When a dealer sends data to the manufacturer, the golden record is appended to the request. This golden record contains all the data needed to process the dealer request and plan inventory. The ability to append and deliver more suppliers and more data about those suppliers enables the OEM to provide alternatives to the dealer based on the information in the original dealer request and the optimal inventory outcome proposed by the OEM.

The golden record is driven by the OEM, but this single record may not include dealer-specific information, like how to process third-party orders directly from the dealer. Updating and maintaining this information is particularly challenging when the dealer network includes hundreds or thousands of independently owned companies.

Now, the OEM can deliver data for multiple suppliers and replacement items. Supplier codes were also expanded, which allows the OEM to better direct the dealers when selecting a third-party supplier. For example, the system can now better route direct shipments if the item cannot by supplied by the distribution center.

By leveraging sophisticated master data management features within the dealer inventory management software, Syncron customers, particularly dealers, receive additional item information, including dealer-specific supplier details. Syncron customers using version 13.1 are already benefiting from these enhancements.