10 Tips to Achieve the Best Online User Experience

SOASTA’s experience comes from preparing online retailers for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season

Mountain View, Calif.Nov. 27, 2013SOASTA, a provider of cloud and mobile testing, released a new white paper, Top 10 Tips to Improve Web Application Performance, which offers advice for Internet retailers and other enterprises preparing for spikes in traffic. SOASTA based the list of recommendations on its work preparing top online retailers for this year’s holiday shopping season. Online businesses wanting to test their websites and apps to protect revenue and ensure readiness for peak traffic can download the paper.

“This white paper lays out a comprehensive strategy to prevent outages and slow web performance from sending your shoppers to your competitors,” said SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos. “It’s a precaution every retailer should take to ensure this holiday shopping season is happy for both consumers and retailers alike.”

Today’s web applications depend on multiple components, from databases to load balancers, content delivery networks and third-party services. It’s impossible to account for all these dependencies in only a staging environment, warns SOASTA. Retailers should test in all environments, from development to production.

The paper discusses these 10 tips in depth:

  1. Bandwidth—make sure everyone can get in.
  2. Load balancing—make sure everyone pulls weight.
  3. Watch for application issues.
  4. Measure database performance.
  5. Assess your architecture.
  6. Ensure proper connectivity.
  7. Don’t overlook configuration settings.
  8. Watch out for shared environments.
  9. Verify third-party services.
  10. Create a performance culture.
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