Procter & Gamble Expands Contract with GT Nexus

Cloud technology helps P&G manage inventory flows and transportation between supply and demand points on global scale

Oakland, Calif.Oct. 1, 2013GT Nexus announced that Procter & Gamble (P&G) renewed and expanded its contract for global supply chain management technology and services. P&G has been using the GT Nexus platform since 2001 to manage its global logistics spend. The expanded solution gives users centralized transportation management and real-time visibility into inventory flows across the global supply chain.

GT Nexus uses a "single version of truth" model to deliver supply chain visibility and execution by shifting the information processing from the nodes to the center of the network. All parties are connected to the same cloud-based platform and partners are provided views into a common, standard information set, including the status of orders, inventory, shipments, documents and payments.

Using a centralized transportation management system (TMS) control layer, communications about shipment information and bookings are communicated in a common format to GT Nexus' connected carrier network. As information changes, the entire network gets updated instantly, providing global transportation management and visibility.

GT Nexus also provides clients with a data quality managed service, which helps ensure the information flowing across the partner network is accurate, timely and complete. As an industry utility that processes more than $100 billion in commerce each year, GT Nexus has experience managing complex data flows.

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