ARI Insights System Now Improved for Better Efficiency

Enhanced system features intuitive user interface, redesigned navigation tool, customizable fields and improved menu structure

Mount Laurel, N.J.April 3, 2013—Global fleet services provider ARI (of the Holman Automotive Group) improved its ARI insights Web-based and mobile fleet management system to more quickly and efficiently collect and integrate critical vehicle and driver data from around the world and provide it to fleet clients. It features a new, intuitive user interface with a redesigned, easier-to-use navigation tool, which enhances the user experience and reduces overall training time.

“We approached this redesign as we do all of our projects—with the customer in mind,” said Tony Candeloro, Vice President of Product Development, ARI. “We worked closely with our customers to understand how they were using ARI insights and what improvements and changes would make their experience better, and then used those findings as our foundation for moving forward.”

In addition to data integration, the ARI insights system alerts fleet managers to actual or potential issues; offers tools for avoiding problems; and allows for improved communication with drivers to control costs and ensure compliance. The comprehensive reporting capabilities available through ARI insights help customers evaluate total spend before making key decisions, which leads to lower total cost of ownership.

“Our goals were to improve site appearance and navigation, streamline processes and improve the overall user experience and reduce training time for new and occasional users,” Candeloro continued. “The new ARI insights system not only meets but exceeds those goals—and these enhancements will significantly improve the customer experience.”

Other improvements to the ARI insights system include streamlined processes; a more meaningful menu structure; and additional customizable fields to match terms commonly used by fleet managers.

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