TECSYS Unveils Self-Service RMS and TECSYS SMART at ProMat 2013

New SCM solutions designed to streamline customers’ business processes, increase visibility and lower supply spend

Chicago—Jan. 23, 2013—Supply chain management (SCM) software solutions provider TECSYS Inc. released its Self-Service Requisition Management System (RMS); and TECSYS SMART solutions at ProMat 2013 in Chicago this week. These solutions are designed to further differentiate the company's supply chain execution offerings in the competitive landscape; and empower its customers with the ability to streamline business processes, increase visibility and lower supply spend.

“We continue to innovate, introducing continuous improvements that deliver practical, innovative solutions to our clients,” said Peter Brereton, President and Chief Executive Officer, TECSYS. “The announcements we are making today will help accelerate the rate-of-return on customers’ technology investments. They will also provide our customers another competitive edge over their competitors by combining extreme visibility, supply chain management deployment knowhow with an optimum user experience.”

TECSYS’ RMS is an intuitive, user-friendly self-service requisition management solution that enables hundreds of users across an enterprise to quickly and easily initiate, process and track purchase requisitions for stock and non-stock items with little or no intervention from purchasing agents. TECSYS’ RMS provides the ability to configure multiple types of requisition submissions; each uniquely defined based on supply source, approval structure, appropriation assignment as well as tracking and automation of email notifications with full edit capabilities for approvers and buyers.

As a self-service facility, TECSYS’ RMS is very intuitive and users require no training. It speeds up the requisition and appropriation process, eliminating paper trails, streamlining the purchasing process, accelerating order times, improving fill rates, often reducing inventory levels due to overstocking and ultimately lowering the total supply chain spend.

The TECSYS SMART system is a set of innovative tools and application know-how which combines the power of TECSYS' professional expertise; proven business and implementation processes; as well as dynamic knowledge resources. TECSYS SMART enables a distribution organization to enjoy an accelerated rate-of-return on their technology investment and achieve the highest performance in managing their supply chain.

By empowering logistics management and users with guided and proven business processes and know-how, TECSYS SMART enables distribution organizations to reduce cost, complexity and time required to implement and use software applications. These tools provide a proven approach that takes as much as 60 percent out of the time and cost associated with the software implementation process; and maximize the use of the full capabilities of the software application.