Voxware and LogFire Announce Strategic Partnership at ProMat 2013

Collaboration to provide users with integrated warehouse management and voice solutions in the cloud

Chicago—Jan. 22, 2013—Voice solutions provider Voxware and cloud-based WMS and supply chain solutions provider LogFire, announced their partnership today at ProMat 2013, Chicago, aimed at streamlining organizations’ operational efficiencies. Companies looking to rapidly deploy an integrated voice solution into a distribution center or in-store operation can leverage this new offering in a more accelerated, cost-effective manner.

“Our relationship with Voxware furthers our automation capabilities in the cloud and is consistent with our mission to help companies of all sizes realize the full potential of their supply chain operations,” said Diego Pantoja-Navajas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LogFire. “The LogFire Voxware partnership makes it easy for our customers to leverage voice along with our leading cloud-based extended warehouse management solutions. Voice offers a robust, cost-effective alternative to traditional RF, user interface-based system interaction, and paper-based options that can help take our customers to the next generation of operational excellence.”

By leveraging the LogFire-Voxware integrated cloud-based solution, manufacturers, wholesalers, logistics services providers (3PLs) and retailers can cost-effectively execute distribution center and in-store operations including receiving; quality control; putaway; replenishment; picking; packing; shipping; store receiving; shelf replenishment; and cycle/physical inventory counting.

In addition, such users can also more effectively receive, act on and communicate information critical to their business without requiring significant internal IT costs; and bypass the traditional up-front cost, time, and resource commitments associated with on-premise solutions for a more rapid, seamless deployment.

LogFire has exceptional WMS solutions and was looking for additional improvements to deliver to its customers in order to boost their operations,” confirmed Keith Phillips, President and Chief Executive Officer, Voxware. “The company turned to Voxware because we provide a high quality cloud-based voice solution that empowers customers to achieve their warehouse and supply chain initiatives. This unique partnership enables us to provide more organizations with the cloud-based technology they need to improve operational efficiencies and enhance their brand reputation.”

The combination of LogFire’s WMS and Voxware’s voice software in the cloud gives organizations the opportunity to leverage the latest, most advanced technologies for enhancing warehouse and in-store operations. Smaller and mid-size users who traditionally could not afford to deploy such Tier 1 solutions can now realize the benefits of voice and omni-channel warehouse management capabilities. As a result, all companies, regardless of size, are able to realize robust capabilities at an incredibly cost-effective price point.

For more information regarding the integrated solution, visit Voxware during ProMat 2013 at booth #3550; and LogFire at booth #3481.

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