CargoSmart Launches VisibilitySmart

New visibility solution alerts shippers earlier about potential shipment delays

San Jose, Calif.Dec. 4, 2012CargoSmart Ltd., a Software as a Service (SaaS) global shipping and logistics solutions provider, launched its VisibilitySmart solution to alert shippers and logistics service providers earlier about cargo delays. The new solution helps shippers improve their operations with daily, early notifications of potential delays; and to measure their carriers’ on-time performance and delay reasons with monthly scorecards. VisibilitySmart fosters collaboration by equipping shippers with timely information about cargo delays that they can act on with their carriers to improve service and to meet delivery schedules.

CargoSmart’s early notifications of delays help shippers identify shipments that need urgent attention while they are still in transit,” said Graham Collins, Director of Sales and Services, CargoSmart. “VisibilitySmart lets shippers begin working with their carriers as soon as potential delays are detected, providing them with more time to adjust their downstream operations.”

CargoSmart found that, on average, 95 percent of shipments arrive on time, while five percent have a delay that can have costly consequences. Terminal congestion, labor strikes, weather problems or lack of space on a vessel can all cause cargo delays that can disrupt supply chain plans. Late cargo can mean chargebacks if merchandise does not arrive by a sale date, factory shutdowns if parts are not available, or even spoiled goods if the cargo is delayed too long. In addition, unforeseeable events, such as port closures due to strikes and hurricanes, make it challenging to monitor ocean transit timeliness and implement cost effective contingency plans when delays occur.

VisibilitySmart monitors and analyzes live vessel data through the Automated Identification System (AIS), sailing schedules, historical route patterns and shipment plans to anticipate delays. It offers extensive coverage of 21 carriers, 3,500 vessels and 800 ports. The new solution monitors three types of delays, including skipped ports of call; missed transshipments; and late arrivals. The system provides a daily e-mail with shipment delay summaries to support operations. It also provides a monthly scorecard to measure carriers’ on-time performance and delay reasons to support contract negotiations.

Pilot trials throughout October and November proved the excellent potential for collaboration between shippers, logistics service providers and ocean carriers.

CargoSmart offers a free trial period of VisibilitySmart beginning in January 2013, which includes a daily e-mail of shipment delays and a carrier scorecard at the end of one month.

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