DHL Opens Energy Center in Houston

Center houses DHL Solutions and Innovation unit and provides visitors a glimpse of energy trends and solutions

Houston—Sept. 26, 2012—Global logistics company DHL opened its Houston-based Energy Center, which showcases DHL's range of services and solutions for leading companies in the energy sector, including international oil and service companies. The center also includes DHL’s Solutions & Innovation unit, for developing solutions for companies and organizations in the energy industry. Visitors can take a guided tour and gain an insight into the value chain of energy companies and the different products and solutions which DHL offers. The Energy Center hosts areas to develop tailored customer solutions and to explain innovations related to the industry and is linked with DHL's industry-unique Innovation Center in Germany.

“By launching the Energy Center, we are demonstrating our commitment to this sector,” said Bill Meahl, Sector Chief Commercial Officer, DHL. “At the same time, we see this as a platform which will facilitate dialog with our customers, the discussion of future challenges and opportunities in the energy-related industry, and the requirements of the supply chain.”

A team of full-time energy sector professionals in Houston will work with DHL's worldwide network of 450 energy specialists and DHL's Innovation team to provide solutions that bring value to energy companies by improving their productivity and increasing efficiency.

“With more than 300 companies active in the field of oil and gas in Houston, we are strategically based at one of the principal hotspots for energy business,” explained Steve Harley, Sector President Energy, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. “We are therefore convinced that the Energy Center will provide a comprehensive picture of both proven solutions and innovative research for energy supply chains.”

The layout of the exhibition area at DHL's Energy Center represents eight stations on the typical value chain of an energy customer. Animated movies, information panels, pictures and physical exhibits present information on the key topics of exploration; extraction; production; distribution; lead logistics provider (LLP); compliance; and the innovation test area.

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