AEB and SingTel Launch WMS||XPRESS

Warehouse management solution to help SME’s adapt IT economically and improve their inventory and warehouse management

Singapore—June 13, 2012—SCM IT-solutions provider AEB (Asia Pacific), in partnership with SingTel, unveiled the software as a service (SaaS) WMS||XPRESS, a cloud-based warehouse management solution (WMS) targeted to help SMEs improve their operational competitiveness and bring the necessary efficiency and visibility required to save on resources and reduce operational costs. SMEs using WMS||XPRESS are eligible for government grants such as the Productivity and Innovation (PIC)-scheme of IRAS supporting up to 60 percent of its costs.

AEB is an established global SCM software provider with over 30 years of experience—including 10 years in Asia—serving customers ranging from SMEs to major MNCs across all industries,” said Dr. Torsten Mallée, General Manager, AEB (Asia-Pacific). “This wealth of experience is now packed into a comprehensive but easy-to-use cloud-based solution that takes into account the challenges SMEs face today. Typically, SME’s in Asia-Pacific hold the belief that adopting technology is expensive and will not have a direct contribution to the business. We found a huge gap in the market with SMEs who can neither afford the full-fledged logistics solutions nor find cloud-based solutions that meet their needs and budget. AEB’s WMS||XPRESS is specifically catered to this market and does not include the CAPEX/OPEX related infrastructure costs generally associated with WMS or ERP solutions.”

The solution—which can be tested as a free trial phase of one month—is available on SingTel’s myBusiness Platform as well as in the SaaS-Store of Singapore Logistics Association and can be purchased for $649 per month (for a two-year subscription) and for $1,019 per month (no subscription).

Over time, as the SMEs business grows and its warehouse management needs to expand, WMS||XPRESS can be easily scaled upward to handle more complex business needs with AEB’s WMSStandard, WMSProfessional and the ASSIST4 Warehouse Management solution.

“WMS||XPRESS is the perfect solution for companies who do not have an existing warehouse management system or operate small warehouses outside of their core business to hold other materials (e.g. marketing materials) and would like to better manage their warehousing activities and inventory levels through a single application,” continued Mallée. “Currently most SMEs manage their warehouse workflow through manual spreadsheets, forms, fax and so on. These methods are time consuming and error-prone. With WMS||XPRESS, SMEs will be able to see, manage and share more information with fellow employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.”

SMEs can use the visibility achieved to improve processes through their selected warehouse strategies (FIFO, LIFO or FEFO); quickly and accurately cycle count; and effectively extract the required data for reporting.

The solution can be immediately configured for warehouse setup in a few steps.