Choice Logistics Announces New Transportation Management Service

Choice Logistics new Choice Transportation Management Service (CTMS) solution offers active management of critical overnight shipments

New York, N.Y.June 11, 2012—Critical service parts logistics provider Choice Logistics launched the Choice Transportation Management Services (CTMS) solution.

Currently available in Europe, CTMS offers active management of critical overnight shipments, even those delivering a single service part or replacement product. With a decision support engine built upon real-world experience in carrier and lane selection, CTMS provides technology companies with the same level of information, access and control for international overnight deliveries as they have with Choice Logistics’ same-day domestic services.

Elekta, a company for which the majority of its shipments of service inventory are international overnight, has been a Choice Logistics client for more than seven years.

“Through Choice Logistics, we have identified important insights and substantial savings for our company as we optimize international shipments in partnership,” said Nigel Weston, Vice President of Supply Chain for Elekta Ltd., a human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. “The analysis and visibility of key performance indicators from CTMS is a critical component of our strategic plan, enabling us to make continuous improvements in our service supply chain.”

In the past, Choice Logistics managed international overnight shipments by leveraging the available transportation options of its vendor base to provide a spectrum of services to its clients. CTMS is the result of significant investments in people, process, information, and technology to actively manage transportation services. Choice Logistics opened its own accounts with major carriers and developed an extensive decision support platform that enables the selection of the most efficient and effective carrier and shipping lane for each and every shipment, worldwide. Its Global Logistics Center (GLC) manages overnight international shipments of critical service parts by the minute, allowing clients to schedule field service engineers with precision. The CTMS dashboard is continually refreshed with order activity, alerting the GLC to any potential for delays so that an intervention can be arranged.

“In the world of high-tech service parts logistics, international overnight shipping options are as critical as same-day delivery,” said Michael Notarangeli, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Choice Logistics. “CTMS provides the level of governance and visibility our clients require to make strategic decisions, such as centralizing high-value inventory or expanding internationally.”

Elekta depends on Choice Logistics to deliver critical spare parts for hospitals and treatment centers as promised and to keep its supply chain staff informed of any exceptions. The Choice Logistics team includes transportation analysts who mine the CTMS data generated and find new opportunities for cost savings and customer service enhancements every week.

CTMS will be available worldwide by the end of 2012.