Software AG Introduces iKnow

Order visibility solution improves supply chain performance

Reston, Va.—May 21, 2012—Supply chain business solutions provider Software AG unveiled its iKnow order visibility solution for order-to-cash process management.

iKnow provides stakeholders with the knowledge and context needed to effectively manage critical supply chain anomalies. The solution consists of both software and deployment services, and can be up and running in as little as eight weeks.

“Our iKnow order visibility solution changes the game, delivering a tool designed to enable organizations to understand and manage supply chain anomalies in real time—which in turn enables a response in the right way at the right time,” said Dave Brooks, Senior Director of Strategic Business Solutions, Software AG. “iKnow delivers the content in context. For example, if an order is stuck in your supply chain, is it from a big customer or a small strategic customer? This knowledge could dictate how to respond as well as who should respond. The result is a more positive and predictable outcome.”

iKnow is a software and service solution that provides both visibility and power to transform knowledge into action. The solution includes defined process monitoring points, KPIs, alerts, pre-configured dashboards, and the services required to deploy them. It builds on the success clients have found using Software AG technology and focuses on high-level supply chain process analysis, serving as a platform for end-to-end process performance management. Leveraging best practices from the installed base of companies that are optimizing their supply chains, this initial iKnow solution focuses on order visibility throughout the order-to-cash process.

“We focused on order-to-cash because this process touches both our clients’ top line and bottom line and has a significant impact on customer satisfaction,” said Brooks. “Future solutions will support other supply chain processes and will be developed both by Software AG and the ecosystem of developers that is forming around the iKnow framework.”

Supporting iKnow is a Snap-In Process Intelligence Template (SNIPIT) that focuses on “micro” processes and provides additional instrumentation, defined monitoring points, and tailored alerts. Multiple SNIPITs can be snapped into the iKnow solution to address specific supply chain challenges.  Each SNIPIT provides visibility at a granular level facilitating immediate corrective action and root cause analysis.  

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