Source Consulting Announces Transportation Management Software Solutions

Intelliship and HALO programs designed to reduce shipping costs

Irvine, Calif.—May 15, 2012—In addition to in-house transportation cost management services, privately-owned logistics consulting and solution provider Source Consulting now offers cloud-based transportation management systems Intelliship and HALO. Both Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are designed to streamline a variety of transportation related processes, allowing companies to improve efficiencies and reduce shipping costs.

“By enabling our customers with Intelliship and HALO, we are able to further expand the significance of our value proposition to high-volume shippers,” said Luke Kupersmith, President of Source Consulting. “I am extremely excited about the impact that our customers will derive from this innovative transportation software.”

Intelliship offers enterprise-wide multi-carrier shipping and manifesting capabilities, allowing shippers to gain full control of all company shipping activity. Best for frequent shippers, Intelliship’s easy-to-use functionality includes a rate-shopping engine allowing users to automate the decision making process of which mode, carrier and service level is best for every shipment.  

HALO, which can be used in tandem with Intelliship or as a standalone technology, is a multi-carrier multi-mode visibility system that provides a centralized information hub for all shipments in-transit with all carriers at all times to everyone who has a need to know. HALO actively manages information received from carriers and personnel while actively identifying shipments that need immediate attention.

HALO’s management dashboard displays real-time transportation metrics and provides granular drill-down capabilities. Users are empowered with a vast number of built-in reports and are able to create their own custom reports, allowing transportation data to be transformed into meaningful information. Using the latest in web and mobile technology, HALO is accessible through all devices connected to the Internet including desktop, laptop, Smartphone, iPad and tablet.