Plex Systems Unveils Solutions at PowerPlex

Business intelligence tool enables report and dashboard creation for data-driven decisions

Auburn Hills, Mich.May 15, 2012—Cloud solutions provider Plex Systems Inc. unveiled a number of solutions at its annual PowerPlex conference.

IntelliPlex is a business intelligence tool that enables the creation of sophisticated reports and dashboards to help manufacturers make immediate, data-driven decisions. Additional benefits include:


  • Provides detailed reports and charts include drill-down, sharing and off-line viewing capabilities
  • Easy-to-use screens and reports let users gather and present the exact data they need
  • Views and reports are delivered via the Cloud using a multi-browser interface
  • IntelliPlex is integrated with Plex Online and accessible by any authorized user directly from within Plex Online.


Additionally, its Plex Online community driven development—a collaborative ecosystem consisting of Plex Online users, Plex Systems’ partners and Plex Systems’ developers—provides the following benefits:


  • Pilot has been underway for several months to ensure expansion of program to all Plex Online users
  • Formal process enables customers to have a voice in proposing product enhancements and features
  • Leverages the expertise of qualified partners with significant niche business solutions  that deliver valuable functionality such as sales tax features, shipping options and other critical offerings
  • Enables Plex Systems to offer an evolving, comprehensive and robust technology solution while maintaining the focus on its core competency